Legacies are essential for Jospice to maintain the unique quality of care that is provided to our patients and their families. They help us continue our work and improve our facilities here at the hospice.

Future generations will benefit from the gift you leave today. A gift no matter how small will make a huge difference.

As we know we should all make a will, but statics show that only just over 30% of the nation actually have a will in place. By making a will you know that when you die your estate will be distributed exactly as you wished rather maybe the state deciding. A picture or a vase admired by a friend you can bequeathed to that person. Maybe a gift to support your grandchildren’s education.

Once you have provided for family and friends please consider a gift for Jospice. Your last gift to us no matter how small or big will be so much appreciated, and will be used wisely in patient care.

Despite it not being a subject that we often talk about there are many good reasons why you should make a will. It gives you peace of mind knowing that you have provided for your family and friends and that your wishes will be carried out. If you have already have a will in place but wish Jospcie to benefit in some way, this can easily be added with a codicil. A codicil is a way of making a change or addition to your exisiting will without having to redraft the will completely.

Leaving a Legacy – your Questions

Who should write my Will?

You should use a solicitor when writing a Will. This helps to ensure your Will is legally correct and that your wishes are followed.

What if I already have a will?

No problem. You Solicitor can add Jospice to your Will with a written instruction called a codicil.

Do I have enough assets?

It’s a myth that you must be wealthy to leave a gift to a charity in your Will – nothing could be further from the truth! After taking care of family and friends, you’ll be amazed how one final gift, no matter how big or small can make a difference to our patients and their families.

Can a gift to charity help me pay less tax?

The money and assets left in your estate may be subject to Inheritance Tax and it may be an advantage if your family are left a gift below the Tax threshold (which is currently £325,000) so they do not have to pay Inheritance Tax. The remainder of your estate can be left as a gift to one or more charities like Jospice.

If I have left you’re a gift, should I tell you?

It is really helpful if you tell us if you have included a gift to Jospice in your Will. It give us the security of knowing that there are bequests left for the future of the running of the charity.

Suggested wording

If you want to leave a gift to Jospice, the following wording can be used when drafting your Will.

Residuary legacy

“I give all (or a % share of the residue of) my estate to St Joseph’s Hospice Association Registered charity no. 1090151 free of Inheritance Tax, for its general charitable purposes and I direct the authorised official of the charity to be a sufficient discharge to my executors.

Pecuniary Legacy
I give to St Joseph’s Hospice Association Registered charity No./ 1090151 for its general purposes the sum of £…….(words and figures) and I direct the receipt of an official of the charity to be the sufficient discharge to my executors.

If you want to leave a gift of property or another item of value or if you live in Scotland speak to your solicitor as the laws are slightly different.